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As both presenters and attendees at technical conferences, we enjoy the opportunity to share our knowledge and learn cutting edge technology from other Oracle experts. Here, you'll find the white papers and presentation slides from some of our recent presentations. As always, we are interested in hearing your feedback on these resources.

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"Leveraging Data: How to Improve Your Business" by David Wolff (September, 2014)


"Exploring Common and Uncommon Bottlenecks" by David Wolff (August, 2014)


"NOW What’s Up With dbms_stats?" by Terry Sutton (June, 2013)


"All about Oracle Auditing - a White Paper" by Mike Dean (February, 2013)

"Implementing Oracle 11G Enterprise User Security" by Mike Dean (October, 2012)

"Introduction to Regression Analysis using Oracle SQL" by Jay Stanley (October, 2012)

"Thirteen Ways to Make Your Oracle Database More Secure" by Mike Dean (February 2012)

"Cost-Effective Oracle" by Jay Stanley (July 2011)


"Installing and Configuring Oracle Database 11g on the Linux Platform," by Ian Jones (June 2010)

"Interpreting Query Execution Plans," by Iggy Fernandez (IOUG, April 2010)


"The importance of testing Database Recovery", by Jay Stanley (Database Specialists Blog, April, 2010)


 "In Defense of Statspack," by Iggy Fernandez (RMOUG, February 2010)


 "Recursive Common Table Expressions," by Iggy Fernandez (RMOUG, February 2010)


"To Upgrade or  Not To Upgrade," by Terry Sutton (NoCOUG Journal, May 2009)


 “Graphical Query Plans,” by Iggy Fernandez (NoCOUG, May 2009).


“Xtreme Tuning - The Tuning Limbo,” by Iggy Fernandez (NoCOUG, March 2009).

“Deadlocks for $1000: Let's Play Jeopardy!” by Iggy Fernandez (TCOUG, October 2008).


“A Quick Reference for Oracle Database 10g RAC on Linux and Unix Platforms,” by Rich Headrick (August 2007).


“Tracing Individual Users in Connection-pooled Environments with Oracle 10g,” by Terry Sutton (February 2007).


“What You Can Do When Your Database Runs out of Temp Space,” by Roger Schrag (January 2007).


“Moving Oracle Databases Across Platforms without Export/Import,” by Roger Schrag (December 2006).


“Installing and Configuring Oracle Database 10g on the Linux Platform,” by Roger Schrag (May 2006).




“What’s Up With dbms_stats?” by Terry Sutton (April 2006).




“How Much Do Concurrent Updates Impact Query Performance in Oracle?” by Roger Schrag (February 2006).


“Practical Space Management in Data Warehouse Environments,” by Hamid Minoui (November 2005).


“Installing and Configuring Oracle Database 10g on the Solaris Platform,” by Roger Schrag (May 2005).


“Wait Event Enhancements in Oracle 10g,” by Terry Sutton and Roger Schrag (April 2005).


“Graceful Failover and Failback Procedures in Non-Data Guard Environments,” by Brian Keating (March 2005).


“An Oracle 10g Upgrade Case Study: Looking at System Performance Before and After the Upgrade,” by Roger Schrag (February 2005).


“Speeding Up Queries with Semi-Joins and Anti-Joins: How Oracle Evaluates EXISTS, NOT EXISTS, IN, and NOT IN,” by Roger Schrag (December 2004).


“Shared Server Issues in Oracle 9i,” by Brian Keating (November 2004).


“Use EXPLAIN PLAN and TKPROF to Tune Your Applications,” by Roger Schrag (October 2000, updated October 2004).


“Recovering an Oracle Database with Missing Archived Logs,” by Terry Sutton (August 2004).


“Installing and Configuring Oracle9i on the Linux Platform,” by Robert Townsend and Roger Schrag (May 2004).


“How Bulk Binds in PL/SQL Boost Performance,” by Roger Schrag (March 2004).


“Native PL/SQL Compilation in Oracle9i,” by Roger Schrag (August 2002, updated January 2004).


“Cloning Oracle Applications Environments,” by Robert Townsend (December 2003).


“Load Your Data Faster,” by Roger Schrag (June 2003).


“More Examples of Interpreting Wait Events to Boost System Performance,” by Roger Schrag and Terry Sutton (March 2003).


“Using Statspack in Oracle8i and 9i to Identify Problems,” by Ian Jones (November 2002).


“Installing and Configuring Oracle9i on the Solaris Platform,” by Roger Schrag (July 2002).

A detailed step-by-step guide to installing Oracle9i on Sun Solaris. Most of the material in this paper is relevant to other platforms such as HP-UX and Linux.


“Oracle9i New Features for Oracle8i DBAs,” by Roger Schrag (May 2002).


“Use Oracle 9i Online Object Redefinition,” by Chris Lawson and Roger Schrag (March 2002).


“Interpreting Wait Events to Boost System Performance,” by Roger Schrag (February 2002).


“Case Study: Reducing Memory Usage with MTS,” by Brian Keating (June 2001).


“XML and Oracle,” by Roger Schrag (May 2001).



“Installing and Configuring Oracle on the Solaris Platform,” by Roger Schrag (April 2001). A detailed step-by-step guide to installing Oracle8i Release 3 (version 8.1.7) and Release 2 (version 8.1.6) on Sun Solaris.


“Installing and Configuring Oracle on the Linux Platform” by Roger Schrag (March 2001)

A detailed step-by-step guide to installing
Oracle8i Release 3 (version 8.1.7) and Release 2 (version 8.1.6) on Linux.

“Challenges Involved in Multimaster Replication,” by Brian Keating (San Francisco, January 2001).
  • White paper (HTML)
  • White paper (HTML - Translated to Serbo-Croatian by Anja Skrba,, April 2013)

“Securing Oracle Network Traffic,” by Roger Schrag (San Francisco, December 2000).

Oracle OpenWorld 2000

“Get Oracle 8i Running on Your Linux Server Straight Away!” by Roger Schrag (San Francisco, October 2000).


Northern California Oracle Users Group

“Setting Up a Hot Standby Database” by Chris Lawson (August 2000).


Northern California Oracle Users Group

“Ten More Database Mysteries” by Chris Lawson (June 2000).

“Ten Database Mysteries” by Chris Lawson (June 1998).


The NoCOUG Journal

“Oracle DBA: Physician or Magician?” by Chris Lawson (May 2000).


“Migrating to Oracle 8i in the Real World” by Roger Schrag (Anaheim, May 2000).


Oracle Open World 1999

“How Are The Challenges Different For Internet DBAs?” by Roger Schrag (Los Angeles, November 1999).


“Tuning Oracle's Buffer Cache,” by Roger Schrag (San Francisco, November 1999).


“Configuring Oracle on Linux for Peak Performance,” by Roger Schrag (San Jose, August 1999).

A 50 page white paper. Although originally presented at LinuxWorld, almost all of the material in this presentation is relevant to other Unix platforms such as Solaris and HP-UX.



“Installing and Configuring Oracle on the Linux Platform,” by Roger Schrag (San Francisco, May 1999). A detailed step-by-step guide to installing Oracle8 on Red Hat Linux.


"Finding the Performance Bottlenecks in Your Application," by Ian Jones and Roger Schrag (Denver, April, 1999).


SELECT Magazine

"A Decoder Ring for Oracle Integrity Constraints," by Roger Schrag (1999).




"Tuning Joins" by Roger Schrag (Orlando, October, 1998).



SELECT Magazine

"Tuning SQL Statements that Use the IN Operator" by Roger Schrag (1998).


"Using Oracle7 LONG and RAW Data Types to Store Unstructured Data in Your Database" by Roger Schrag (San Francisco, November, 1997).




“Xtreme SQL Tuning: The Tuning Limbo,” by Iggy Fernandez (IOUG, May 2009).



"Xtreme Tuning - The Tuning Limbo," by Iggy Fernandez (IOUG, May 2009)


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