Recovery of ASM Disks Using Backup Blocks on AIX

There are some simple commands (not all well documented)  to debug an ORA-15032 “not all operations performed” when a disk group won’t mount. Validate the device permissions and ownership on all nodes with a simple “ls -l /dev/rdisk*” command and correct any issues found. Run the storage check of the cluster verify utility. cluvfy comp […]

Just the basics; managing Oracle disk space

Introduction Here’s a quick quiz; of all of the problems that can beset an Oracle database, which one happens the most often? Do you think that it’s concurrency or locking issues? Issues with CPU being overwhelmed, or disk I/O rate being overwhelmed? Oracle internal bugs? Disk space issues? Problems encountered with backup & recovery? Account […]

Oracle Scheduled Job Email

Introduction In Oracle v10, a new feature was introduced to replace the existing DBMS_JOB job scheduling software and API: the DBMS_SCHEDULER. Up until that point, the only ways to schedule reoccurring jobs inside the database was to use a very simplistic system, DBMS_JOB. Limitations included: No logging of individual runs successful or failed logs Could […]

Just the basics; Upgrading the Oracle RDBMS

Introduction This is the first installment of a series of shorter whitepapers that just cover the basics of a particular aspect of the Oracle RDBMS. The first one is on the subject of upgrading Oracle. After doing literally hundreds of Oracle RDBMS upgrades and patches over the past 18 years, these are my recommendations. Why […]

Database Specialists to Present at Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group

Mike Dean, Senior Staff Consultant for Database Specialists will be presenting at RMOUG on Feb 6 2014 on the topic of “Secure Your Oracle Database – NOW!” The brief from the RMOUG Website ( describes the presentation as follows: Many organizations keep their most sensitive and valuable information in an Oracle database and assume that […]