I will be presenting at RMOUG 2015 and IOUG Collaborate 2015

I am very excited to announce that I will be presenting “All About Oracle Auditing – Updated for 12C!” at the Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group (RMOUG) 2015 Training Days as well as the International Oracle Users Group (IOUG) Collaborate 2015 conference. RMOUG 2015 will be held in Denver Colorado in February and Collaborate 2015 […]

Database Performance: A Guide to Tools and Analysis

If your business thoroughly understands how to leverage the information that is gathered and stored in your company database can be crucial to better understanding your audience and improving your business. Your database is often used to make important decisions on the direction of your company and it’s vital to ensure that your database is […]

Oracle Releases Appliance Manager Software Update

Oracle have released the latest version of Appliance Manager, which provides productivity enhancements and support for Oracle Database 12c to the Oracle Database Appliance. The most notable addition is the support for database and virtual machine rapid snapshots. It also lays the groundwork to make a transition to Oracle Database 12c go more smoothly. The […]

Exploring Common and Uncommon Bottlenecks

They are nearly everywhere, preventing you from moving forward with your everyday business – bottlenecks. Whether it’s a capacity, resource or a performance issue – your business cycle is affected by such bottlenecks. There are several common bottlenecks that you can easily recognize and adapt your business to improve upon, but then there are also […]

Leveraging Data: How to Improve Your Business

Understanding the information that your business is collecting is crucial, but learning how to leverage that information to better your business relationships is by far more important. Often times, the information is gathered but not necessarily sorted into a digestible or useful forms and therefore requires you to sift through the information and figure out […]