Remote Database Administration On-Shore

Database administration is crucial for most businesses, and recently the trend has returned to keeping all aspects of DBA work on-shore, instead of outsourcing it to companies’ off-shore. There are definite benefits to keeping your rDBA in the same US time-zone as your business, as well as reasons outsourcing is no longer a viable solution. […]

Database Rx: Refresher Course

When a person becomes sick, they seek out the advice and expertise of a qualified doctor to diagnose the medical issue. If there is a problem with your Oracle enterprise software or database, identifying the problem early and coming up with the best solution will maintain the health of your network systems. Database Rx is […]

New Auditing White Paper posted

I recently presented “All About Oracle Auditing – Updated for 12C” at the Rocky Mountain Users Group Training Days 2015 Conference. This is an updated version of my original auditing presentation from 2013 and includes information on the latest 12C Auditing features – specifically the Unified Audit Trail and auditing in a Multi-Tenant database. I […]

Oracle 12c Multitenancy

As you probably already know, Oracle 12c (the latest version of the database) has a Multitenant feature available as an additional Enterprise Edition cost option. This allows one “container” database to run multiple “pluggable” databases.   Pluggable and Container Databases I’ll be referencing the terms “PDB” and “CDB” a lot in the article, so it’s probably […]