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Consulting :: We are experts in Oracle Database Solutions with the experience and knowledge to bring any project to completion, applying best practices

Remote DBA Services :: Database Specialists company provides top of the line expertise in remote database administration backed up by over 15 years of experience. Read more...

Database Rx :: Our platform Remotely tracks, Monitors and Manages the client's databases. Our clients can access information and receive 24/7 live support anytime, anywhere. Read more...

Oracle Remote DBA Blog :: Please visit our blog on the latest in database management.


Reliability. Experience. Only Oracle remote DBA services.  

We focus on Remote Oracle Database Administration support and we do it well. At the same time, we won’t lose sight of the big picture. We know you have a business to run, and you want as few worries as possible. That's why our customers choose us and stay with us for their Oracle database services for years. Our remote DBAs are all Oracle Certified Professionals with over 15 years experience and will treat your systems like we treat our own. That means that we take the time to ask questions, we're proactive, and we take things seriously. At the same time, we focus on offering personalized Oracle Remote DBA support services. When you call for support, you will get individual attention, not a random voice in a call center. And, all our technical team members have extensive real-world onsite and remote database administration experience.

Since 1995, the Database Specialists team has been a nationwide provider of consulting, remote DBA and Oracle database administration managed services for companies with mission-critical Oracle database systems. We have been providing Oracle database support services as well remote Oracle DBA since version 7, and today we support clients with production databases ranging from Oracle versions 7.3 through 11g via onsite consulting and our Oracle remote DBA services. 

Database Specialists remote DBA support is one of the only remote administration offering in the market today that combines the cost efficiencies of remote database administration with the risk mitigation of on-shore support.

Call us today to join our growing list of happy clients receiving exceptional Oracle database consulting, remote database administration support and remote DBA services  whether you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Silicon Valley, or anywhere we can connect to your system remotely. 

Remote DBA Support – A cost effective solution in this time of budget constraints and cutbacks. In this economy many companies are having to make reductions in staff and are looking at their Oracle support plans and are turning to companies that provide remote DBA Services.  Although they may have a team of DBAs there are several money savings programs that are available whether you are looking at staff reductions or redeployment of resources.

Oracle remote database managed services and consulting, database monitoring, and support plans tailored to your business needs and budget. Our cost-effective remote Oracle DBA service options range from monthly database reviews to 24/7 support with guaranteed response times. You can utilize Database Specialists' Oracle remote DBA managed services to complement your in-house resources, or — as some clients prefer — utilize our full Oracle remote DBA outsourcing services for all your production database support. To learn more about the option of remote database administration as an option for Oracle database support services including questions to ask if considering this option please read our white paper "Cost Effective Alternatives for Supporting Mission Critical Oracle Databases"

Companies that depend on information rely on Database Specialists. Scores of well-known companies rely on us for design and implementation of new Oracle database systems, performance tuning, assistance with migrations and upgrades, backup and recovery strategies, database security audits, RAC (Real Application Clusters), Oracle outsourcing, remote dba services, remote database administration and much more.

Remote DBA support - The know-how to get things right — the first time. Whatever your Oracle database services needs or challenges, our team of Certified Oracle Professionals has almost certainly resolved very similar issues before. Our approach to providing remote Oracle database support and remote database administration services is fully proactive, dedicated to identifying and correcting problems before they impact your business.

Remote Oracle Database Administration Managed Services and Remote DBA Support - Database Specialists remote DBA services acts as an extension of your in-house DBA resources, providing superior remote database administration, management and optimization services and access to Oracle expertise when you need it.  For those companies without DBAs on staff we can offer full service remote DBA support so you can be assured your Oracle systems are running correctly.

For more than a decade, Database Specialists has provided the Oracle community with in-depth expertise, experience, exceptional teamwork, and our own database optimization tools supporting our remote DBA Services. Oracle technology is all we do—which is why we perform remote DBA services at a level others can’t match.

With DBA Pro, our Oracle remote DBA services, we'll handle proactive maintenance, monitoring, and responding to your database system alerts so that you can focus on what it takes to grow your business.

Our database experts have a minimum of 15 years of Oracle experience and all are Oracle Certified Professionals (OCPs), and we've been serving our customers since 1995. Through our remote DBA service we'll focus on keeping your systems running smoothly and maintaining ongoing communication with you.

Our Proactive Approach via remote DBA support - To be proactive and keep Oracle systems running smoothly, it takes the right combination of skills, experience, and the proper tools.. The certified Oracle DBAs on our team maintain ongoing communication with you regarding your database operations and goals via our remote DBA service. Our focus is on using best practices and doing things right the first time in order to avoid performance issues, data loss, or downtime.

Via our remote Oracle DBA support we make certain that you are setting your systems up properly and making sure you have the level of availability require.

Our experienced staff—along with our tools (see below) —helps us proactively assess your database systems via our remote DBA support and make adjustments to avoid a crisis. If a critical problem does arise, we know about it within minutes. And, depending on the level of service you have selected, we deal with those issues accordingly. The goal of our DBA Pro remote DBA service is to keep your systems running smoothly and provide the level of expertise you need to quickly resolve any database problem that may occur.

In addition to our experience we use our proprietary portal and agent which we call Database Rx® to helps us support our Oracle remote DBA customers.  We discuss this in a white paper on Oracle remote DBA tools and methodologies and how the other tools available in the market today compare to Database Rx® (which is supplied free as part of our DBA Pro service), as well as Database Specialists' philosophy towards being proactive in supplying Oracle remote DBA services.

We also support many different versions of Oracle under all different operating enviroment, including Linux, the various versions of Unix and Windows.  In addition we have experience with Exadata, RAC and 11g besides all the previous releases of Oracle.  All of these services are provided by via our remote DBA services and can be included in any ongoing contract.

Follow the lead of our many satisfied clients. Call Database Specialists first for any of your Oracle database support needs including Remote DBA Services. We promise to make you glad you did.

You can reach us toll-free in the U.S. at 1.888-648.0500 x525. If you are in Northern California, you can reach us locally in the San Francisco Bay Area at 415.344.0500 x525.

Oracle Gold Partner RDBA

  RAC Attack! Presentation at the Fall NoCOUG  

On November 21, 2013 Terry Sutton, Director of Managed Services for Database Specialists, Inc and Ian Jones, Senior Staff Consultant for Database Specialists, Inc will be presenting a "RAC Attack!" at the Northern California Oracle Users Group (NoCOUG) Fall Conference in San Jose. At this event conference attendees can take advantage of a two-hour hands-on lab session led by RAC experts from Database Specialists. Install and configure Oracle RAC on their own laptop. Seating is limited and registration is required.  Go to for more information.

  Database Specialists to Present at Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group  

Mike Dean, Senior Staff Consultant for Database Specialists will be presenting at RMOUG on Feb 6 2014 on the topic of "Secure Your Oracle Database - NOW!"

The brief from the RMOUG Website ( describes the presentation as follows:

Many organizations keep their most sensitive and valuable information in an Oracle database and assume that their DBA is taking the proper steps to secure it against unauthorized access. In reality, however, this is often not the case and the most basic database security precautions are sometimes overlooked. While no amount of security awareness will eliminate the threat of authorized access, you can greatly improve your chances with just a few common sense steps. In this presentation, I will discuss some specific steps that you can take today to secure your Oracle database against the bad guys. Some of the topics to be discussed: My boss says I need to secure our database. Where do I start? Why is database security so often overlooked and poorly implemented? New security features in Oracle 11 and Oracle 12 My database has been compromised—now what? Oracle releases CPUs, PSUs, and now SPUs—which one should I apply? User account and password management How to use Database Auditing for intrusion detection When and where to use encryption The importance of bind variables in a security context Oracle Advanced Security features


Terry Sutton, Director of Managed services for Database Specialists. Will also be presenting at RMOUG on Feb 6, 2014 on the topic of "NOW What's Up with DBMS_STATS"

The brief from the RMOUG Website ( describes the presentation as follows

Having accurate optimizer statistics in your Oracle database is more important than ever. Handling larger volumes of data, using more complex queries, and benefitting from the ever-increasing number of choices of execution plans generated by the Oracle Optimizer, require that the optimizer knows as much as possible about your data. The way to gather your statistics is with the DBMS_STATS package. But there are many procedures in the package, and many options and parameters in the procedures. Your choice of options can dramatically affect your results, both in accuracy of statistics and performance of the statistics operation itself. A while back, we examined DBMS_STATS in Oracle 9 and 10.1. This presentation updates the information for Oracle 11.2 and 12.1. We discuss the effects of the various choices. Our focus is on actual experience, measured performance, and detailed examples, not just on the documentation. And we'll examine some of the new features that greatly improve performance and usability.

  Database Specialists' Mike Dean to Present at Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group's 2013 Training Days  

Mike Dean OCP, a Database Specialists senior DBA has been selected to speak at RMOUG on February 12, 2013.  His presentation is titled “All About Oracle Auditing – Everything You Need to Know”.  Many organizations keep their most sensitive and valuable information in an Oracle database. Properly implemented auditing, as part of a defense-in-depth approach, will help keep it secure. This presentation will give you everything you need to know in order to successfully implement Oracle Auditing; from basic configuration to advanced techniques using Fine-Grained Auditing (FGA). The session will also show you some auditing changes in 11g that, if not addressed, can cause serious issues.


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